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Infertility Treatment

Having children is the most pleasure issue for each family. Couples are worried when they are not in a pregnancy. If couples can not be parent for a long time, they should refer to a gynecologist.

The cause of infertility in men

  • Having weak sperm (semen)
  • The presence of testicular inflammation in men that is not fertilized.
  • Impotence due to diabetes, stress, mental status, tension, anxiety, discomfort …
  • Congenital defects
  • Depression (if people suffer from depression, they are unable to produce sexually compatible sperm)
  • Men’s addiction to drugs, tobacco, or excessive drinking of alcohol will reduce the immune system (especially in the production of sperm)

The cause of infertility in women

  • Female ovarian problems (inability to produce a healthy and suitable egg for fertility that results in the accumulation of immature oocytes in the ovary, is one of the most common problems among women)
  • Presence of a tumor in the ovaries (women should treat the tumor as soon as possible, so that the tumor does not spread to the rest of the uterus, and it affects women’s health, and if the tumor is malignant, treatment will be difficult)
  • Congenital defect (if there is any congenital defect in the womb or woman’s vagina, it often resolves with surgery)
  • infertility treatment
    infertility treatment

    Obstruction of fallopian tube (If there is obstruction in the fallopian tubes, this complication prevents the sperm from reaching the egg, so pregnancy does not occur and often resolves with surgery)

  • Increasing secretion of milk hormone (which should be prevented from pregnancy)
  • Weight loss or weight gain (weight gain leads to several problems in the female body and thus lead to pregnancy becomes difficult
  • Mental aspects. If a woman suffers from severe problems, pregnancy should be avoided, due to physical weakness and inability of the body to be, the best treatment is to follow a healthy diet with prescription)

It is worth mentioning that in order to treat infertility, couples are being tested to look at the best solution.

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