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Frequently Asked Questions

here, we will consider frequently asked questions about women problems. A gynecologist and obstetrician, Dr. Hediyeh Saghafi answers your questions.

Is it possible to nail and manicure during pregnancy?

This is not suitable for pregnant women, although this can be done temporarily in the early months.

frequently questions
frequently questions

 Can I use vitamin C during pregnancy and does it not pose a risk to pregnant women?

Pregnant women are advised not to use high doses of this vitamin during their pregnancy, as it increases risk of early childbirth, it is advisable for pregnant women to use all kinds of fruits and vegetables during this period.

Does using cellphone cause abortion?

No, this is a misconception in pregnant women, rays may be harmful to the baby, but they do not cause abortion.

 Is there a chance of getting pregnant during menstrual cycle?

Yes, this is possible and pregnancy may occur. In fact, period does not mean no rain

 How long can be pregnant after IUD removal?

In cases where the IUD remains in the uterus for a long time, it should happen immediately after the IUD is removed, so if you have not had a pregnancy, you should go to a gynecologist.

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